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Impacting strategy

The strategic layer is the beacon that guides the organizational ship, setting the long-term direction, overall objectives, and ambitions of the entire project.

It focuses on the 'what' and the 'why,' outlining the vision, mission, and goals to be achieved.

This layer is essential for defining the course, ensuring that every decision and action contributes to the achievement of long-term objectives and the desired market positioning.

Influencing Tactics

The tactical and operational layers, on the other hand, are what make the strategy a reality, transforming vision into action.

The tactical layer focuses on the 'how,' developing medium-term plans and approaches that align resources, talent, and efforts to achieve strategic objectives.

It includes the planning and execution of projects, resource management, and coordination among different teams.

Influencing Operations

Along with the tactical layer, it is where the reality of the organization is created.

The operational layer is the ground where everything is executed, the day-to-day of the organization.

Here, specific products and services are built and developed, processes are deployed, and daily operations are managed.

All of this ensures that the system flows smoothly and that tactical plans are fulfilled, thereby achieving the strategic objectives.

Areas we impact

Systemic Thinking

Critical Thinking

Experimentation Mindset

Flow Mindset

Our services

At Tuataramente, we operate expertly across all three layers, offering a selection of services that empower, enable, and strengthen the decision-making profiles within your organization.

Learning experiences

Transform your professional outlook through immersive learning experiences designed to foster critical thinking, mental agility, and the practical application of advanced methodologies in project management and leadership.

Expert management guidance

Access the wisdom of experienced leaders in Agile management and systems thinking, offering you personalized support to navigate through organizational and personal challenges, optimizing your performance and that of your team.

Group mentorship program for managers

Boost your leadership in a collaborative environment, where each group mentorship session will equip you with advanced strategies and a shared vision to drive excellence in team and project management, fostering an atmosphere of continuous learning and collective improvement.

About us

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Manu Martín

"In a past life, he was a computer engineer, a passionate problem-solver. In this one, he is a pragmatic student who loves to read the context from different perspectives."

Carlos Sánchez

"Systemic thinker, passionate about and practitioner of the Slow philosophy.
He loves tea, martial arts, and playing, which is the natural way to learn."

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